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Welcome to Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Howard Beach, NYC

Oral Care For All Generations
Ira and Jonathan Biderman

Dr. Ira Biderman has been serving the community of Howard Beach, and it’s surrounding neighborhoods, since 1981. The only way that happens is if you are doing something right; and Ira Biderman has been getting it right for almost forty years.

Call today to book your appointment with us, and find out why patients drive in from all over the tri-state region to visit our practice. Once you visit, you’ll not only leave understanding why, but you’ll also book an appointment to come back as well.

Why You Will Choose Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

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Expertly trained dental team

With some of our staff being with us from the very beginning, there is absolutely no doubt as to how serious we are about consistency and service. Our office was built for families, and when you first enter, you'll understand why we are still servicing families since we first opened our doors.

From root canals, and dental bonding, to fillings, and Invisalign, our team is prepared to handle virtually all dental issues our patients are experiencing.

Advanced dental treatment facilities and equipment

Although our practice is on pace to hit 50 years of service, the tools we use to maintain our patients' dental care is constantly being upgraded over time. Our history begins in the early 80s, but our practice is definitely set up for the new millennium.

Guaranteed results and brighter smiles

Ira Biderman is all about quality. If he is not happy with the results achieved after a procedure, then he will go above, and beyond, to get you the result he feels you deserve. When patients leave the office, there's a reason they always have an appointment scheduled to come back.

Our Services

Professional and highly trained

Dental Fillings And Bonding

Fillings and Bonding are used to both maintain the health of a tooth, as well as cause it to look as natural as possible.


Invisalign straightens patients' teeth without all the hassles associated with wire braces. The Drs. Biderman are certified to provide this treatment to our patients.

Tooth Extraction

When an infection has set in so deep that no therapy can work effectively to bring the tooth back to life, then the only other option is extraction.

Root Canal Treatment

Infected teeth need to be pulled or have their nerve endings detached. Root canals are the best way to keep your original tooth, even if it is infected.

Teeth Whitening

Our professional-grade whitening helps eliminate stains that over-the-counter products simply cannot fix.

Routine Dental Exam & Check Up

Having your dental exam become a part of your yearly schedule just makes a lot of sense. Schedule your bi-annual appointments today!


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Professional and highly trained

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