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X-rays For The Heck Of It

One of the benefits you can rely on when visiting with Dr. Biderman, is knowing that anything he does, of his son Jonathan decides to do, is all based on “need;” and not a desire to run up the bill on a patient. One of the ways some dentists decide to do that, is to x-ray a patient anytime they come in. They use the angle of, “We’re just looking to make sure everything is fine with your teeth since last time you were here.”

The truth is an x-ray is needed the very first time you visit a practice. The dentist needs to know what he’s working with, and an X-ray provides much more information the dentist can use towards prescribing a solution to any challenges you may have. This practice gets a little dicey when it’s performed every single time you visit that dentist.

With Dr. Biderman, you will only get X-rays when he thinks it’s necessary – and never anytime before that. If your dentist is doing this, it might be time to think about scheduling a time to see Dr. B. Click, and read this, to find out why we are stressing this so much: Do dental x-rays cause brain tumor?

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