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Types Of Teeth Whitening Methods

The teeth play a great role in boosting self-esteem, and studies have proven people with brown, or stained, teeth suffer from very low self esteem. It is no wonder that teeth whitening, and the  procedures developed to achieve that result, have exploded over the last twenty years.

There are various methods used in the whitening of teeth. Such methods include:

1. In-Office Bleaching: This is a teeth whitening procedure that is normally performed in a dentist’s  office and is known to take a very short time to perform. This method may be expensive, it helps a lot in terms of saving time as you will be able to see results that are instant as opposed to other methods. This method is also referred to as in-office Bleaching.

2. Teeth Whitening Strips: This is a whitening method that is increasingly gaining popularity as is evident in the fact that you will find them in almost every drug store. This is due to the fact that they are sold over the counter and that they are quite inexpensive. Additionally, there are no complications in using them with most of them known to be effective in whitening teeth. However, it is important to note that achieving results using this method may take a little longer hence some patience needs to be exercised. Before settling on the strips, you need to do a research to see which brand is the most recommended.

3. Toothpastes: Apart from the regular kinds of toothpastes, there are toothpastes that have been formulated specifically for teeth whitening. Such toothpastes contain special ingredients as well as polishing agents that play a special role of getting rid of stains on the teeth.

4. Gels and Trays: These are also effective in teeth whitening with the only problem being that you would have to wait longer for you to see the results. It will take at least 3 days to 2 weeks for one to be able to see any results with clear trays on during this period. This however depends on the percentage of peroxide as contained in the gel. For faster results, it is important that you get your teeth whitening tray and gel from a dentist rather than over the counter as the kit you get from the former is bound to produce faster results. Additionally, kits bought over the counter are known to be generic sized and have the potential of allowing the bleach to spill onto your gums causing a very irritating sensation.

Apart from the teeth whitening methods mentioned above, there are many other methods that keep coming up everyday. Embracing the teeth whitening method recommended by your dentist will go a long way in ensuring that your teeth are healthy and that you have a bright smile restored to your face as a result of the procedure.

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