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Three Habits That Are Plaguing Your Teeth

Source: health2blog.com

Ok, today you’re in for a treat. The title of this post was designed to get you to sit here, and read it; and because you have read this far, it’s been pretty successful doing just that. However, the payoff is not in the three habits that we’ll be sharing in a second; it’s in the 17 other bad habits that you’re going to read about as well.

Without any further todo, lets get into it:

  1. Gummy Bears
  2. Gatorade/Sports Drinks
  3. Potato Chips

1) Gummy Bears – If you’re ever had them you know this candy sticks to your teeth. Because these candies are essentially made fro nothing but sugar, it becomes food for the bacteria living in your mouth. Before you know it, acid is being produced, which ehlps to break down enamel.
2) Gatorade/Sports Drinks – Again, these types of drinks are made up of mostly sugar, and this affects the enamel that you really need for healthy teeth.
3) Potato Chips – chips are what you first grab when you’re in the middle of a snack attack; that place you get to when you;’re starving, and just about anything edible will do. The problem is that starchy foods, like chips, will end up turning into an acidic compound that helps to erode teeth. In other words, stay away from all this stuff.

To learn more about the other 17 bad habits, go here: http://www.health2blog.com/20-bad-teeth-habits-to-break/

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