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Dental Fillings And Bonding

Dental Fillings And Bonding

White Filling | Dental Bonding The first line of defense for decaying teeth, or for a tooth that has been damaged, is what’s known as a dental filling. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area, helping to mask any pain that could be felt when the dentist begins to remove decayed, or structurally unsound portions, of […]

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, decay and/or trauma has done so much damage to a tooth that removal is your only option. In cases of wisdom teeth, your dentist may even recommend extraction proactively, before active damage has been done. Often the shape and size of your jaw, the way the wisdom teeth develop and how they erupt from […]

Root Canal Treatment

Ah, the dreaded root canal. Most of us have heard of its horrors – what fewer know is that, with today’s technological advancement, root canal therapy (known as endodontic therapy) is often a completely painless and highly successful set of procedures that can save your natural tooth. There’s no need to fear! Root canal therapy […]

Teeth Whitening

Often, people with stained or discolored teeth may just need a whitening procedure in order to restore their smile. People with stained or dull teeth usually benefit from teeth whitening, which is a safe and effective way to brighten stained, discolored or dull teeth. Even a stubborn single tooth that is noticeably duller or less white […]