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Invisalign Woodhaven NY


Invisalign has become one of the hottest forms of cosmetic dentistry in the last ten years; and for good reason. It’s not everyday you hear about a dental product that provides a positive result for a patient that will affect them for the rest of their life – and there’s no surgery involved; amazing!

Invisalign is a see-through aligner, that does just that – aligns the teeth up in perfect position within the mouth, and gums, to work, look, and feel at their best. Of course, as there are with any break-through products that make their way into the market, competitors joining the industry each and every day. However, Invisalign has been leading the charge from the very beginning.

Invisalign Woodhaven NY | 90-19 157th Ave Howard Beach, NY 11414 (718) 843-9209
Invisalign Woodhaven NY | Ira & Jonathan Biderman

The name was created when a patient, who was undergoing orthodontic treatment at the time, realized the retainer they were given towards the end of their treatment, could provide the actual aligning treatment itself. Thus, the name Invis-Align was created; which means invisible alignment of the teeth.

However, not everyone qualifies for Invisalign. The reason they are in-demand is because they provide first level orthodontic treatment in a way almost no one will be able to notice. The see-through aligner makes it hard for anyone to see you are under-going orthodontic treatment. This benefit alone is why the majority of patients are signing up looking to undergo the treatment.

The key to the last paragraph was the term “first level orthodontic treatment.” There are some instances where traditional metal braces are going to be required; and this is due to extreme mis-alignment of the teeth. Traditional braces are cemented into place for the duration of the treatment; and are removed once the teeth are fully aligned.


It is at this point in the treatment where the orthodontist will supply the patient with a retainer. The retainer is supposed to be used every day for the first few months; and then used less and less over time. Many Invisalign patients are actually patients who once had traditional braces on their teeth many years ago; and are looking for treatment again because their teeth moved back out of position. They made the mistake of not using their retainer a few nights a week for the rest of their lives. it’s the retainer that will keep the teeth in alignment.

These patients are not interested in having metal wiring placed back in their teeth, when there are options available now that allow them to have their teeth aligned properly again – without any of the hassle. Here’s another benefit that people are clamoring for when they get involved – they get to remove the aligners to brush their teeth in the morning and at night, as well as for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you’ve ever had traditional braces, you understand just how difficult those activities are to perform. With Invisalign, it’s as simple as taking off the aligners, and placing them back on once you’re done.

One of the major challenges people are faced with when they first inquire about the process – is the price. Invisalign is generally priced at $5,000 and above; and for good reason, The amount of work that goes into determining the proper positioning of your teeth, as well as the material produced, is not cheap. The doctor begins by taking x-rays, photographs, a bite registration and impressions of your teeth and gums. The dentist, or in our case, Dr. Jonathan Biderman, will determine the treatment plan best suited for you; before sending your impressions to the Invisalign labs, where they will be scanned into 3D images.


These 3D images are needed to determine the aligners required to get your teeth exactly where you need them to be. As many as forty-eight aligners may be needed to get your teeth properly aligned, but that number is used only in only extreme cases. The aligners are created from photo-sensitive liquid resin, that becomes hardened plastic when exposed to a laser. This special plastic is made in such a way, that it applies pressure to the teeth – moving them into position over time.

Every patient brings a unique set of challenges for the doctor to overcome. When you combine that, along with all the materials, technology, and time needed to provide the result – you can see why the amount being charged for Invisalign is more than fair. At Biderman Family & Cosmetic dental, we work with all our patients to get them the result they’re after. This can include payment plan options as well. The only way to find out if any of this is right for you, is to call up and set up a time to speak with one of our doctors – Howard Beach dental legend, Ira Biderman, and Invisalign provider, and son, Jonathan Biderman.

Call today to set up your appointment, and examination. We look forward to providing you with the very best care, only our patients can attest to. To find out more, check out our testimonial pages. See you soon!

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