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Here Is Why You Should Love Our Dental Care System

Source: samaa.tv
How about this? You visit your local dentist to have a root canal done. Nothing serious, right? Only you wake up to find yourself being transported to a nearby hospital to have major surgery done, to remove a drill that made it’s way down into your lung!!

That’s what happened to some poor soul in India. Can you see why it’s important we thank our lucky stars we get to live in a country, with cutting-edge sciences, where accidents like this are almost never heard of? Sure we need to improve a lot about the system, but the dentistry itself is top-of-the-line . . . especially when you consider events like the one above.

To find out more details, click here: https://www.samaa.tv/weird/2017/01/dental-drill-removed-from-patients-lungs/

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