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Do You Still Need To Floss?

Source: health2blog.com

After new research concluded that flossing was a waste of time, people dropped a habit they never really had in the first place. Dentists have been pleading with patients to floss for the last 40 years to no avail; however, when the latest research suggested otherwise, so many people became vocal about how happy they were they no longer needed to follow through on that annoying dental practice.

However, many dentists aren’t taking the bait with the new findings. Many dentists will easily quote you the fact that more than five hundred species of bacteria found in plaque; and plaque gets stuck in between teeth. When this is left untreated for too long that plaque hardens into something like tartar.

And this is just one aspect of not flossing. To learn more, read here: http://www.health2blog.com/flossing-is-critical-say-dentists-at-dental-implants-atlanta/

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