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Dental Care Is A Problem We Need To Fix

Source: forbes.com

While most dentists stay away from talking about dental insurance, because they understand that it helps pay their bills, Dr. Biderman plays by a different set of rules. His practice runs on “ethical dentistry,” and it’s why he has told me, his marketing director, no, several times, when it came to running promotions he felt weren’t right for his patients.

And although his practice takes many forms of insurance, even he knows this is a problem that needs to be fixed once and for all. Read this to learn the real facts behind dental care in the United States: http://www.forbes.com/sites/robwaters/2016/12/12/owww-if-you-think-the-u-s-medical-care-system-is-broken-take-a-look-at-dental-care/#6d311ce21453

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