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Composite Fillings Are Choice

The fillings that dentists found the most durable, and stable, during the early nineteenth century were metals like lead or gold. Amalgam started becoming popular in the mid-nineteenth century, and from the beginning the mercury used in this filling was questioned by many doctors.  Today, white composite filling is the technique of choice used to help restore teeth. This type of filling is made with a composite of materials; which is mostly made up of quartz resin and filler particles.

The process to use white composite as a filling is known as “Layer Filling.” A layer of filling is laid down, and “cure” or harden it with a blue light. After finishing up the final layer, the dentist will shape the composite resin into the tooth. This a tooth restoration process, however in the case of a badly decayed tooth, a root canal treatment is performed to avoid infection.

The cost of fillings generally vary from dentist to dentist, however dentists are usually able to provide you with enough options to get it done. The cost of this particular filling is double that of silver fillings,  but still may be covered by your dental insurance.

The advantage of using composite fillings,  is the aesthetic aspect. The ability to blend the color of the composite to the color of your other teeth makes this procedure very desirable. In addition, the bonding created by the composite is strong enough in helping to prevent tooth breakage; breakage that can occur because of physical activities or the temperature due to the seasonal changes.

The primary side of effect which can occur with this process is “staining,” which can be caused by agents. Dentists will usually place a plastic covering over the filling in an attempt to avoid stains; however because this is a cosmetic technique, it is usually an out-of-pocket expense. Composite fillings are not as strong as metal fillings,  but help provide a healthy looking smile, and are still strong enough to stand the test of time.

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