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Carecredit Calculator For Financing

Source: wikimedia.org

At Dr. Biderman’s office, we receive dozens of phone calls a week from people interested in knowing how much they would need to pay for certain treatments; and the truth is we really dislike giving out estimates over the phone becasue they’re almost never right. The only way to know is to come in and have Dr. B check you out thoroughly, before he gives the real amount of what it’s going to cost.

The next step for many patients, once they do know the amount, is financing because some treatments simply aren’t covered by insurance. And that’s when a whole new battery of questions are asked. However, CareCredit, one of the biggest, well-known, and trusted financing options on the market today gives you the ability to figure out how much a treatment can potentially cost you.

Their calculator lets you determine how much you would want to put down, in terms of cash, and how much you need to finance. It’s great for those who need the treatment, but simply don’t have the liquid cash on hand to get it done.

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